4 Must Have Denim Jackets For Fall 2016

Sunday, October 30, 2016

Even though it’s October and Fall is in full swing, I couldn’t resist wearing this gorgeous floral dress from ASOS. It’s one of those items I’ve been saving all Summer for that perfect occasion, but the warm days are quickly coming to an end. When thinking of items I could layer over this dress I immediately thought of my favorite denim jacket that will never get old to me. In that moment I realized every girl should have a favorite denim jacket. If you don’t have one, here I’ll discuss 4 types of must have denim jackets this season – over 20 options all under 100 bucks!

parishartdotcom | denim jackets | floral dress
parishartdotcom | denim jackets | floral dress
parishartdotcom | denim jackets | floral dress
parishartdotcom | denim jackets | floral dress
parishartdotcom | denim jackets | floral dress
parishartdotcom | denim jackets | floral dress
parishartdotcom | denim jackets | floral dress
parishartdotcom | denim jackets | floral dress

The Classic Denim Jacket

ASOS Denim Jacket

The Longline Denim Jacket

Boohoo Longline Denim Jacket

The modern go to. The longline or oversized denim jacket is the new denim trench and will definitely make any outfit stylish and trendy. Like the classic denim jacket, the longline jacket can be paired with pretty much everything. Depending on the style, it can also be appropriate for work wear. I like this jacket paired with midi body-con dresses and skinny jeans. If you want to try this look this Fall, here’s some options to try:

  1. Boohoo Libby Longline Distressed Denim Jacket – $52 (frequent 50% off sales)
  2. Forever21 Longline Denim Jacket – $48
  3. ASOS Liquor & Poker Longline Denim Jacket – $68
  4. ASOS Warehouse Longline Denim Jacket – $89

The Patch Denim Jacket

Pretty Little Things Denim Patch Jacket

The trendy go to. Patches are back! This season patches and badges are definitely on trend. I’ve noticed them on handbags, jeans and jackets. These jackets are definitely creative and fun, and can add a pop of color to your outfit. I think they look great when worn with solid colors (like blue jeans and a white t-shirt). If you want to be on trend this season, here’s a few great options:

  1. Pretty Little Things Raquisha Mid Wash Badge Detail Over Sized Jacket – $70 (currently on sale – limited stock)
  2. Forever21 Oversized Patch Denim Jacket – $35
  3. Forever21 Psychedelic Patch Denim Jacket – $32
  4. Century21 flying tomato Frayed Denim Jacket – $30 (on sale)
  5. ASOS Boohoo Oversized Denim Jacket With Badges – $70
  6. Bloomingdales Honey Punch Patch Denim Jacket – $80
  7. Make Me Chic Frayed Denim Jacket With Embroidered Patches DENIM – $37
  8. Make Me Chic Oversized Retro Inspired Jacket BLUE DENIM- $42

The Distressed & Ripped Denim Jacket

Make Me Chic Ripped Back Denim Jacket

The edgy go to. If you’re looking to add a little edge to your outfit, this option is definitely for you. The ripped back denim jacket is the classic look with a sexy twist. Wear this jacket over a tank or tank dress to add a little sex appeal while still leaving a lot to the imagination. The bleached and distressed looks are also very popular this season. Choose this option when you want to make a fashion statement. Here’s a few great options:

  1. Make Me Chic Blue Bottons Ripped Back Denim Jacket – $36
  2. Macy’s Lucky Brand Sescape Wash Bleached Denim Trucker Jacket – $58
  3. MissGuided Back Shredded Denim Jacket True Bleach – $68
  4. Bleached Drop Shoulder Denim Jacket Blue – $77
  5. Distressed Patches Button Up Jacket DENIM – $36
  6. Sully Multi Ripped Distressed Denim Jacket – $44

I'm Wearing

parishartdotcom | denim jackets | floral dress

Outfit Details:

  • Arden B Denim Jacket (my favorite)
  • ASOS Floral Dress
  • Lily Kloset Pink Heels

Lets talk! Denim jackets are definitely a wardrobe staple. What’s your favorite style? Thanks for reading and please follow me on all social medias at @parishartdotcom!

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